Sunday, October 9, 2011

22 Days of Beauty!

     Soooooo I came up with a fun idea for Halloween!!! I'm going to do one make up look a day for the next 22 days with costume make up. It's going to be very wear-able and if anyone has request for a certain look leave a comment!!! And if you have any questions let me know!!
      My first look I did for a friend who wants me to do her make up for Halloween and I came up with this look, Leave a guess as to what popular costume this would be for! ;) Here's a hint (Sometimes I feel like I would loose my head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders. 
       Sorry camera quality is kinda poopy. I'll add a list of all products used, but you of course don't have to use what I did.

  Eyes: Urban Decay Black Dog eye shadow, UD Flash eye shadow, UD Liquid Liner, Maybelline New York Stiletto (Voluptus ) in very black, and Love and Beauty false lashes from forever 21, for only $1!
Whiskers and Nose: Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid linder (different from the other liquid eyeliner.) and Black Dog again.
Leave your guesses in the comment box!!


Susan said...

well my initial guess when I saw the hint before seeing the picture was Alice in Wonderland (as in off with her head)
then when I saw the A DOR A BLE make-up...I am just going with a cat as in curiosity killed the___.

I know I am probably wrong, but it was fun anyway.
It looks awesome!

webindia said...

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MoonStar said...

thanks guys for the awesome support!! It means alot!