Friday, September 30, 2011

All Fixed!

     Alright everyone! Problem is all solved! Comments are ready! So if anyone has any comments, questions, or complaints, I'd love to hear them! Thanks for reading and I'm going to be posting again soon with some spells and more info!!! And if there is anything you guys want to know then send me a message or comment and I'll reply as soon as possible!!!

Just a note

     Sorry to anyone who tried to comment on my blog. I am trying to fix the problem now. I'll post again as soon as the problem is fixed. Thank you all!
Moon Star

Bewitch a Man

     Today's post  is going to be a little fan girl post. I read a book a few years back and I fell in love. Bewitch a Man by Fiona Horne, was a definite confidence boost and held some reallllly great tips!

      I highly recommend this book if you need a confidence boost! Fiona Horne has some fabulous tips and some wonderful spells! She's the kind of writer that keeps you wanting more! She has some bring men to you spells, some "Freeze off" spells , and some "Sexy Hexy" Spells. Some of her spells are a little bizarre and a little out of the norm but I think that is what makes her book such a great read! I have done some of her spells with a little of my own twist and they worked fantastic! She has some tips in there as well that I tried during my single days and I have to say I got some fantastic results!!! I highly recommend this book for any witch who is down in the dumps with their love life and needs a boost! 

Oh and when I reach 50 followers I will do a drawing and whoever win's the drawing will get a free copy of this book!!!!!

Keep Being Sexy!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Sexy Witch's Handbook

     Okay, let's start with the basics. In this post I'll talk about the Spiritual and the Physical basics of my Sexy Witch's Handbook.Were going to talk about the basics in Wicca. Let's start with Deity. There are two main aspects of Deity, female and male. The Goddess and the God, the goddess represents the moon, and the God, the sun. The Goddess goes through three stages, the Maiden(which is for the time of the year from Spring into Summer), the Mother (Summer into Fall) and the Crone (Fall into Winter). The God goes through pretty much the same cycle. The Maiden phase, as I like to call it, is a fresh beginning, the Earth is starting fresh with the warm weather, the flowers are being to come out, and youth is in its prime. The Mother phase is when life starts to mature, and flourish. The world is pregnant with life and of the harvest, a time of celebration. The Goddess and God give birth to the bountiful harvest and rejoice in life. And the Crone phase is the wisdom of life, death, and rebirth. The God dies and the world grows cold, and Goddess also dies, only to be reborn again during the Spring to start again. The story of the Goddess and the God goes on like a wheel, ends in the Winter and starts again in the Spring. 
 Oh and please don't think that because the God (as shown in photo) is known as the "Horned God" that he represents the "Devil" because that is not so. He represents nature and the hunt. Besides, Wiccan's do not believe in Satan or Hell, that is wholly Christianity and has nothing to do with our religion.  (Sorry about that but I just like to put that out there so people don't get the wrong idea!) 
      Well for now I think that is enough for the Spiritual side for right now. (Everyone likes to get some fun info thrown in there, otherwise you might fall asleep cause sometimes the basics can get a little dry after awhile, and I want to keep ya'll interested!) 
      Now for the physical side of my Sexy Witch's Handbook. I 'm just going to jump in this head first and just give you all a list of my personal Sexy Witch's do and don't.
     1. Always dress to impress. 
    And when I say that I don't mean dress to impress everyone else, dress to impress yourself. You wear those tight skinny jeans 'cause you knoww they make your butt look AH-MAZE-ING. Don't ever feel the need to dress a certain way just because you think someone will like it, dress in something because YOU feel sexy in it, cause hell, if you cant love yourself, how do you expect someone else to? 
     2. Something sexy and not to be seen.
    ALWAYS have a few sexy pairs of undies and bra's to wear under your Sexy Witchy outfit. Knowing you're wearing something erotic underneath is always a little confidence booster. (Plus it's always great to wear sexy stuff when there might be a chance you'll be showing it off later ;])  Oh and please keep it semi-comfortable, picking wedgies all day is NOT attractive. LOL.

     3. Black is ALWAYS in style!
    I'm not saying goth is up if that's not your style. But a nice black top, or a sexy black mini skirt is ALWAYS acceptable in a Sexy Witch's wardrobe!

     4. Time and Effort
    Put a few extra minutes aside everyday to make yourself up. I'm not saying cake on the make up like war paint, but put on a little mascara and lip gloss, and put your hair in a sexy style. A little effort goes a long way!

And now for the Dont's.

     1. Never EVER put yourself down.
    No matter what anyone else says, you are perfect, just the way you are. Don't let those few extra pounds you gained vegging out on the beach get to you! Guys love a little extra ;) and if someone you like doesn't then they just are not the right person for you!
     2. Too much eyeliner.
    You might think all that black eyeliner (or blue in some cases) brings out your eyes, but in reality it makes your eyes look smaller when you have six inches of color loaded up around your eyes. Go with a light line  on your waterline and tight lining your lids, it opens up your eyes while still giving your beautiful eyes lots of attention.

     3. Don't fit the mold.
    I know you probably work your tush off at the gym to get that perfect body, and hey! that's okay! but don't ever think you have to fit some mold. You are not supposed to look like those models on the billboards (besides the only look perfect because of air brushing and photo shop.) Don't be afraid to be yourself, but it's always good to switch up the cookie for a carrot once in a while ;) LOL.

     Well I hope you learned somethin today and that you enjoyed my tips. I'd love to get some feed back so feel free to type something in that little comment box and I'll be back tomorrow for more!!!



Black is Back!

   Forgive me if this is a little rambly, this is my first time blogging, but I am anxious to get started :). I guess I should start with a little information about myself. I am nineteen years old and have been a practicing Wiccan since I was about twelve. I have many books on Wicca and have read pretty much everyone I can get my little hands on, ever since. I started out researching online, but it's so hard to find real information, so I figured why not start a blog for beginners out there who were just like I was and give them some real information. Anyway, I hope to update this blog at least twice a week and have interesting information, advice, tips, and spells for everyone out there! 
      I like to think that there is a sexy little witch in all of us, and I want to help everyone bring that side out of themI'll post spells that I have done, how I did them, and what my experiences were with them. I will also post some information and spells from books that I have read as well as the titles and authors. I want everyone out there to feel like a Goddess(or for you sexy men out there, a God!) and I hope to be of help to anyone and if you like what you read, and have any questions to ask, comments to make, or stories to share then please leave some comments and I will reply as fast a my little broom can carry me! ;) Merry  Meet!