Monday, September 26, 2011

Black is Back!

   Forgive me if this is a little rambly, this is my first time blogging, but I am anxious to get started :). I guess I should start with a little information about myself. I am nineteen years old and have been a practicing Wiccan since I was about twelve. I have many books on Wicca and have read pretty much everyone I can get my little hands on, ever since. I started out researching online, but it's so hard to find real information, so I figured why not start a blog for beginners out there who were just like I was and give them some real information. Anyway, I hope to update this blog at least twice a week and have interesting information, advice, tips, and spells for everyone out there! 
      I like to think that there is a sexy little witch in all of us, and I want to help everyone bring that side out of themI'll post spells that I have done, how I did them, and what my experiences were with them. I will also post some information and spells from books that I have read as well as the titles and authors. I want everyone out there to feel like a Goddess(or for you sexy men out there, a God!) and I hope to be of help to anyone and if you like what you read, and have any questions to ask, comments to make, or stories to share then please leave some comments and I will reply as fast a my little broom can carry me! ;) Merry  Meet!

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Toriz said...

Merry meet, and welcome to the bloggy world! :)

Brightest blessings to you, and good luck with your journey along your chosen path!