Friday, September 30, 2011

Bewitch a Man

     Today's post  is going to be a little fan girl post. I read a book a few years back and I fell in love. Bewitch a Man by Fiona Horne, was a definite confidence boost and held some reallllly great tips!

      I highly recommend this book if you need a confidence boost! Fiona Horne has some fabulous tips and some wonderful spells! She's the kind of writer that keeps you wanting more! She has some bring men to you spells, some "Freeze off" spells , and some "Sexy Hexy" Spells. Some of her spells are a little bizarre and a little out of the norm but I think that is what makes her book such a great read! I have done some of her spells with a little of my own twist and they worked fantastic! She has some tips in there as well that I tried during my single days and I have to say I got some fantastic results!!! I highly recommend this book for any witch who is down in the dumps with their love life and needs a boost! 

Oh and when I reach 50 followers I will do a drawing and whoever win's the drawing will get a free copy of this book!!!!!

Keep Being Sexy!

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Susan said...

Hey girl, GREAT post! You are doing SUPER for being a newbie :)
you may want to add (and a giveaway) to the title of this post.
separate the giveaway part into it's own paragraph using larger letters so it stands out.

Email me for more tips. I am taking the book pic and putting it on my sidebar, saying there is a giveaway, to help draw readers

ps...get rid of word verification and use comment moderation instead...more visitor friendly most people hate word verification, have Tom help you